Spring 2020

Karl Marx’s Capital Vol. 1

“There is no royal road to science, and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits.” —Preface to the French Edition, 1872


This spring the CMRG at Carnegie Mellon University will be revisiting Karl Marx’s Capital Vol.1.

We’ll also be annotating the original English translation of the text on MARXdown (a repository for lightweight digital reading editions) in coordination with other reading groups at:

University of Florida, UC Irvine, University of Warwick, University of Utah, Univeristy of Illinois, Chicago, and with other students and members of the public.

You can join us in reading along and annotating Marx’s text this spring, too, starting January 31st!


Step 1: Sign up for a free hypothes.is account by clicking here 

Step 2: Learn how to easily annotate the online edition of Capital Vol. 1 using hypothes.is by clicking here

Step 3: Visit the online edition of Capital Vol. 1 (in progress) on MARXdown

Step 4: Beginning January 31st, start annotating the edition, or reply to an existing annotation, with the goal of creating a media-layered edition of the text


Each group is annotating the online edition of the text at their own pace, but you can find or follow along with our group’s reading schedule (listed below) or by clicking here.

For more info on how to facilitate your own reading group discussion of the text or for a PDF of Capital Vol. 1, visit our ongoing list of resources here.

* * *

Spring Reading Schedule

Baker Hall 145C Knapp Room | 3:30-5:30PM

Jan. 17 — Chapter 1 

Facilitated by Alex Gorman

Jan. 31 — Chapters 2-3

Facilitated by Alex Gorman

Feb. 7 — Chapters 4-6

Facilitated by Chloe Perry

Feb. 14 — Chapters 7-9

Facilitated by Steven Gotzler

Feb. 28 — Chapters 10-11

Facilitated by Professor Kathy Newman

Mar. 6 — Chapters 12-14

Facilitated by TBD

Mar. 20 — Chapter 15, Sections 1-4

Facilitated by Avery J. Wiscomb

Mar. 27 — Chapter 15, Sections 5-10

Facilitated by Avery J. Wiscomb

Apr. 10 — Chapters 23-24

Facilitated by TBD

Apr. 24 — Chapter 25

Facilitated by Chris Wike

May 8 — Chapters 26-33 

Facilitated by Natalie Suzelis