Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Viewpoint Magazine (selections)

Tithi Bhattacharya, ed. Social Reproduction Theory: Remapping Class, Recentering Oppression (2017).

Spring 2017

Rosemary Hennessy, Profit and Pleasure (2000)

Nancy Fraser, Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis (2013)

Fall 2016

Kathi Weeks, The Problem With Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries (2011)

Summer 2016

Karl Marx, Capital Vol.1 (1867)

Spring 2015

Trebor Scholz, ed. Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory (2014)

Jodi Dean, Crowds and Party (2016)

Fall 2015

Bruno Bosteels, The Actuality of Communism (2011)

Spring 2014

Jason Moore, Capitalism and the Web of Life (2015)

Fall 2014

David Harvey, Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (2014)